Our resort is located in Antulang, on the southern tip of Negros in the province Negros Oriental in the Philippines.
You can find our detailed address in the imprint.


Dumaguete is the capital of Negros Oriental and about 45 minutes away from Antulang by car.
We pick you up in Dumaguete with pleasure.

From Europe

There awo international airports in the Philipines: Manila und Cebu.

Manila to Dumaguete

Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific fly from Manila to Dumaguete twice a day.
Please consider a transfer time (between arrival and departure) of 3 hours minumum because the transfer to another terminal might take some time.
There are free airport buses for transfer between the 3 terminals so you don't need to take a taxi any more. For more information ask at the info-spot at the exit of the international terminal

Cebu to Dumaguete

The easiest route is to take a taxi from the airport to the pier. The ferry Ocean Jet goes to Dumaguete twice a day (travel time: 3-4 hours).
An alternative route is to take a bus from Cebu to Dumaguete. The bus company is named "Ceres Liner". Buses are going a couple of times per day. Take a taxi from the airport to the right bus terminal in Cebu.

In Dumaguete

If you want to visit us on your own:

Take a bus ("Ceres-Liner") to Siaton or Bayawan.
You have to get out at the crossing at the gas station between Zamboanguita und Siaton (ask the conductor). Hire a motorcacle-taxi ("Habal-Habal") to bring you to antulang.
Attention: It's not possible to transport big baggage with a habal-habal.

If you are coming with your own car or motorcycle:

Follow the highway from Dumaguete through Dauin und Zamboanguita. Turn left at the gas station after Zamboanguita and follow the signs to Antulang and "Dive Philippinen".

Travel information


EU and US citizens get a free 21-day Visa when they enter the country. It's possible to buy a tourist visa that is valid for a longer time in advance at any Philippine embassy in the world or at an office of the immigration while you are already in the country (these offices can be found in every big city like Manila, Cabu and Dumaguete).


You don't need special vaccinations for the philippines. Only standard-vaccinations for Europe and the US are recommended

You can get a DIWA 3 Star Insturctor with us Scuba Instructor Training Academy of Philippi mehr...

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The Team from Dive-Hub is appointed as a volunteer for reefsaving by the mayor in Siaton

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