On one of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines, far away from mass tourism, located directly at the beach we operate a wonderful resort with a dive base.

This is our MPA experience and our story: We came to this location after a long search for the right place, not only to invest, but find the best choice to live our dreams as divers and as lovers of the marine environment. Through the years, since 2004, we have witnessed how the whole environment has changed, most of them can move you to think how man can waste so much of what truly counts in life.
Dive Hub is a very small group, composed of my Filipino team of dedicated workers who understand and believe the role we have taken as we try to win peoples hearts daily to help save the reef.The way we regard this work is in line on how we see the total picture of the dire importance of the whole ecosystem, and how it supports human life. And we start with ourselves, learning each day, and in sharing the best way we can, as this means a lot to us. We believe in it so much that we invest our lives in this principle of stewardship in caring for our oceans. We do this work daily, motivated by a strong hope that each small fisherman who are either our neighbor, or the father of our team member, or our staff himself, can see a good future for his family.
And because of this, we share this pride with you that our MPA management performance has been proven efficient. The 2010 Technical Survey of Dr. Arthur Bos, shows that our fish density is now four times higher than Apo Island. The owner like to make the Dive Hub for ever, to a place for the hope, of the locals!!

===50 m and 3 Steps and you are from your Room in the Reef what is the MPA===

Enjoy our ambience, the cuisine and the reef!

Reservation can be send direct to us ( Contactform) or through our travel agency Scuba-Native :

The team of Dive Hub Antulang !
News from Antulang Reef !The Department of Agriculture Siaton has now clear rules (RA8550) mehr...

379 fish species are at home on oure MPA=Housereef!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jagfish under the jetty! yellowfinn Jagfish from 10 to 15 cm !!!

Since yesterday, the save area of the Dive Hub Antulang was raised to a MPA covered from a mehr...

today we hat more as 10 Dolphins on our Boat boja!!!

today we hat more as 10 Dolphins on our Boat boja!!!

Know you the new Directory MARINE RESERVES in the VISAYAS Philippines from Dr. Angel Alcal mehr...

In 1 Year 30 % more species and 50 % more Biomasse more you fount in the blog

yersterday new turtel nests were laid. the huch is 18.09.09

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